l --> l' gamma in the Lepton Number Violating MSSM

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Scientific paper

A minimal particle content supersymmetric model with a discrete Z_3 symmetry, allowing lepton number violating terms, is studied. Within this model, the neutrino masses and mixing can be generated by lepton number violating couplings. Choosing parameters which correctly describe both the masses and mixing in the neutrino sector, we consider their repercussions in flavour violating radiative lepton decays, l --> l' gamma. Such decays have not been observed and, accordingly, soon to be improved, upper bounds on their branching ratios exist. We do not assume dominance of either the bilinear or trilinear couplings. We note that certain parameter sets, which correctly describe the neutrino sector, will also generate observable branching ratios, some of which are already precluded, and suggest four such sets as Benchmark scenarios.

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