Implications of Initial LHC Searches for Supersymmetry

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Scientific paper

The CMS and ATLAS Collaborations have recently published the results of initial direct LHC searches for supersymmetry analyzing ~ 35/pb of data taken at 7 TeV in the centre of mass. We incorporate these results into a frequentist analysis of the probable ranges of parameters of simple versions of the minimal supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model (MSSM), namely the constrained MSSM (CMSSM), a model with common non-universal Higgs masses (NUHM1), the very constrained MSSM (VCMSSM) and minimal supergravity (mSUGRA). We present updated predictions for the gluino mass, m_gl, the light Higgs boson mass, M_h, BR(B_s to mu mu) and the spin-independent dark matter scattering cross section, sigma_SI. The CMS and ATLAS data make inroads into the CMSSM, NUHM1 and VCMSSM (but not mSUGRA) parameter spaces, thereby strengthening previous lower limits on sparticle masses and upper limits on sigma_SI in the CMSSM and VCMSSM. The favoured ranges of BR(B_s to mu mu) in the CMSSM, VCMSSM and mSUGRA are close to the Standard Model, but considerably larger values of BR(B_s to mu mu) are possible in the NUHM1. Applying the CMS and ATLAS constraints improves the consistency of the model predictions for M_h with the LEP exclusion limits.

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