Dual Instantons in Anti-membranes Theory

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Scientific paper


We introduce two ansatzs for the 3-form potential of Euclidean 11d supergravity on skew-whiffed AdS_4 X S^7 background which results in two scalar modes with m^2=-2 on AdS_4. Being conformally coupled with a quartic interaction it is possible to find the exact solutions of the scalar equation on this background. These modes turn out to be invariant under SU(4) subgroup of SO(8) isometry group, whereas there are no corresponding SU(4) singlet BPS operators of dimensions one or two on the boundary ABJM theory. Noticing the interchange of 8_s and 8_c representations under skew-whiffing in the bulk, we propose the theory of anti-membranes should similarly be obtained from ABJM theory by swapping these representations. In particular, this enables us to identify the dual boundary operators of the two scalar modes. We deform the boundary theory by the dual operators and examine the fermionic field equations and compare the solutions of the deformed theory with those of the bulk.

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