Carbon dioxide segregation in mixed carbon dioxide/water ices


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3934 Optical, Infrared, And Raman Spectroscopy, 5422 Ices, 5460 Physical Properties Of Materials, 5470 Surface Materials And Properties

Scientific paper

The mid-infrared spectra of mixed vapor deposited ices of CO2 and H2O were studied as a function of both deposition temperature and warming from 15 K to 100 K. The spectra of ices deposited at 15 K show marked changes on warming beginning at 60 K. These changes are consistent with CO2 segregating within the ice matrix into pure CO2 domains. Ices deposited at 60 and 70 K show a greater degree of segregation, as high as 90% for 1:4 CO2:H2O ice mixtures deposited at 70 K. As the ice is warmed above 80 K, preferential sublimation of the segregated CO2 is observed. The kinetics of the segregation process is also examined. The segregation of the CO2 as the ice is warmed corresponds to temperatures at which the structure of the water ice matrix changes from the high density amorphous phase to the low density amorphous phase. We show how these micro-structural changes in the ice have a profound effect on the photochemistry induced by ultraviolet irradiation. These experimental results provide a framework in which observations of CO2 on the icy bodies of the outer solar system can be considered. This research was carried out at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory under a contract with the National Aeronoutics and Space Administration and funded through the Research and Technology Development Program.

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