An N = 2 Supersymmetric Membrane Flow

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Scientific paper


We find M-theory solutions that are holographic duals of flows of the maximally supersymmetric N=8 scalar-fermion theory in (2+1) dimensions. In particular, we construct the M-theory solution dual to a flow in which a single chiral multiplet is given a mass, and the theory goes to a new infra-red fixed point. We also examine this new solution using M2-brane probes. The (2+1)-dimensional field theory fixed-point is closely related to that of Leigh and Strassler, while the M-theory solution is closely related to the corresponding IIB flow solution. We recast the IIB flow solution in a more geometric manner and use this to obtain an Ansatz for the M-theory flow. We are able to generalize our solution further to obtain flows with del Pezzo sub-manifolds, and we give an explicit solution with a conifold singularity.

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