"Alice" String as Source of the Kerr Spinning Particle

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24 p. 2 Figs. This old paper is a talk given at the XXV Workshop on Fundamental Problems of High Energy Physics and Field Theo

Scientific paper

Kerr geometry has twofoldedness which can be cured by a truncation of the `negative' sheet of metric. It leads to the models of disk-like sources of the Kerr solution and to a class of disk-like or bag-like models of the Kerr spinning particle. There is an alternative way: to retain the `negative' sheet as the sheet of advanced fields. In this case the source of spinning particle is the Kerr singular ring which can be considered as a twofold "Alice" string. This string can have electromagnetic excitations in the form of traveling waves generating spin and mass of the particle. Model of this sort was suggested in 1974 as a "microgeon with spin". Recent progress in the obtaining of the nonstationary and radiating Kerr solutions enforces us to return to this model and to consider it as a model for the light spinning particles. We discuss here the real and complex Kerr geometry and some unusual properties of the oscillating solutions in the model of "Alice" string source.

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