Absorption continuum in the near IR near 1 micron

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Atmospheric Attenuation, Atmospheric Radiation, Infrared Absorption, Near Infrared Radiation, Optical Thickness, Water Vapor

Scientific paper

The existence of an unidentified weak continuum atmospheric absorption band at 1.01 microns is reported. The absorption was discovered in observations of the spectral extinction of light through the atmosphere obtained from multi-wavelength photometry of the sun using the Langley method at Mauna Loa Observatory. Anomalous absorption in the 1.01-micron band, not accountable for by aerosol extinction and correlated to the presence of water vapor, was observed to be 20 to 40 times greater than that expected for water vapor absorption. The possible source of the absorption feature in water vapor extinction or an unknown trace atmospheric constituent is discussed, and it is shown that it cannot be due to scattering from condensed particles.

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