0++ states in a large-Nc Regge approach

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Presented by ERA at Miniworkshop "Understanding Hadronic Spectra", Bled (Slovenia) 3-10 July 2011. 9 pages, 3 figures

Scientific paper

Scalar-isoscalar states ($J^{PC}=0^{++}$) are discussed within the large-$N_c$ Regge approach. We find that the lightest $f_0(600)$ scalar-isoscalar state fits very well into the pattern of the radial Regge trajectory where the resonance nature of the states is advantageously used. We confirm the obtained mass values from an analysis of the pion and nucleon spin-0 gravitational form factors, recently measured on the lattice. We provide arguments suggesting an alternating meson-glueball pattern of the 0++ states, which is supported by the pseudoscalar-isovector 0+- excited spectrum and asymptotic chiral symmetry. Finally, matching to the OPE requires a fine-tuned mass condition of the vanishing dimension-2 condensate in the Regge approach with infinitely many scalar-isoscalar states.

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