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18 page LaTeX2e file; to appear in the Proceedings of the Fifth Hellenic School and Workshops on Elementary Particle Physics,

Scientific paper

We argue that some of the parameters in the laws of Nature would be well understood, under the assumption that there is an influence from the future as well as from the past, in the sense that the principle of locality is not valid at the fundamental level. However, locality is supposed to be broken only in the mild way that all the non-local influence comes from integrals over the whole of space-time and acts at all moments and all places with the same effect. Thus the observable effects of the lack of locality can only be seen in the constants of Nature. Our cleanest prediction is the Higgs boson mass being 149 +/- 26 GeV, which in addition assumes that the pure Standard Model is valid until the Planck scale. Adding the assumption that the two vacuum states needed in our model come about naturally requires a strong first order transition between them; together with the assumption of the Planck units being fundamental, this leads us to also predict the top quark mass as 173 +/- 5 GeV, and a more precise value of the Higgs boson mass as 135 +/- 9 GeV. With the assumption of the anti-grand unified group SMG x SMG x SMG (three copies of the Standard Model gauge group, one for each generation), it is also possible to successfully predict the three fine structure constants in the Standard Model. We also discuss the extension of the SMG x SMG x SMG group by an extra abelian factor U(1)_f and the fermion mass matrices in this model. Other vacua than the present one might appear in the future due to human activity. The breaking of locality is really of the same mild character as suggested by baby universe theory, so the present work may be considered as a development of baby universe theory.

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