W 49 A North: J=2-1 Lines of CS and C18O

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Scientific paper

Observations of the W 49 A North star forming region in the J=2-1 line of CS have been made with the BIMA array with an angular resolution of 4.6"x3.8"; complementary observations in the J=2-1 line of C18O and J=3-2 line of C34S were made with the IRAM 30 meter telescope with angular resolutions of 12" and 17" respectively. The molecular complex is elongated along a diagonal from northeast to southwest. The position-velocity diagrams for CS convolved to 12" resemble those of C18O and the J=5-4 line of C34S (from Serabyn et al. 1993). There is a change in velocity along the major axis of the molecular complex. Most spectra towards W 49 A North show two main velocity components whose relative intensities vary with position along the major axis of the molecular complex. At the higher resolution of ~4", absorption of the continuum emission at 3 mm by CS is clearly observed. The apparent velocity gradient is seen to be part of a ``C''-shaped distribution in the CS position-velocity image. Furthermore, as is found in the J=1-0 HCO+ data by Welch et al. (1987), the optically thick CS J=2-1 line exhibits an inverse P-Cygni profile towards HII region G. These two characteristics of the CS data lend support to the global collapse model (Welch et al. 1987).The high resolution CS profiles in the central region all show varying degrees of absorption. At lower resolution the surrounding CS emission fills in much of the absorption and the inverse P-Cygni shape disappears. Accepted by Astrophys. J. Suppl. (1999 July) Preprints are available at URL: http://www.astro.uiuc.edu/department/preprints/hdickel/

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