On neutron-induced and other noble gases in Allende inclusions

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Carbonaceous Chondrites, Inclusions, Meteoritic Composition, Neutron Irradiation, Rare Gases, Abundance, Isotopes, Tables (Data), Temperature Effects

Scientific paper

Noble gases were measured in one bulk sample, six light inclusions, and one black xenolith from four specimens of the carbonaceous chondrite Allende which cover a range in their Co-60 content of about a factor of ten. The abundance of He-3, He-4, Ne-22, Ne-20/Ne-22, Ne-21/Ne-22, Ar-36, Ar-36/Ar-38, Ar-40/Ar-36 are determined for a range of temperatures. Thermal release patterns as a function of temperature are shown for He-4, Ne-21, Ar-36, Ar-40, and He-3/He-4. The isotope abundance ratio Ar-36/Ar-40 is plotted against the percentage of Ar-38 released from fine-grained inclusions. The parent nuclides of radiogenic He-4 are finely dispersed throughout the inclusions. Neon from the inclusions contains a component deficient in Ne-20,21 which is most conspicuous at low temperatures. Ar-36/Ar-38 ratios up to 90 are observed at release temperatures about 800 C. Kr-80,82 are found enriched about 80-fold, while xenon is dominated by Xe-129.

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