Generalized Non-Commutative Inflation

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Final version considerably improved; Non-commutative inflation rigorously mathematically formulated

Scientific paper


Non-commutative geometry indicates a deformation of the energy-momentum dispersion relation $f(E)\equiv\frac{E}{pc}(\neq 1)$ for massless particles. This distorted energy-momentum relation can affect the radiation dominated phase of the universe at sufficiently high temperature. This prompted the idea of non-commutative inflation by Alexander, Brandenberger and Magueijo (2003, 2005 and 2007). These authors studied a one-parameter family of non-relativistic dispersion relation that leads to inflation: the $\alpha$ family of curves $f(E)=1+(\lambda E)^{\alpha}$. We show here how the conceptually different structure of symmetries of non-commutative spaces can lead, in a mathematically consistent way, to the fundamental equations of non-commutative inflation driven by radiation. We describe how this structure can be considered independently of (but including) the idea of non-commutative spaces as a starting point of the general inflationary deformation of $SL(2,\mathbb{C})$. We analyze the conditions on the dispersion relation that leads to inflation as a set of inequalities which plays the same role as the slow roll conditions on the potential of a scalar field. We study conditions for a possible numerical approach to obtain a general one parameter family of dispersion relations that lead to successful inflation.

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