A new wide-separation gravitational lens candidate

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Astronomical Spectroscopy, Gravitational Lenses, Quasars, Galactic Clusters, Mass To Light Ratios, Red Shift, Spectral Energy Distribution

Scientific paper

Observational evidence is presented for the existence of a new wide-separation, high-redshift gravitationally lensed quasar Q1429-008. The Q1429-008 system comprises two components, R-band magnitudes m(R) = 17.7 and 20.8. The spectra of the two components are very similar although small systematic differences in the emission-line strengths are probably present. The velocity difference between the two spectra, derived from cross-correlation techniques, is 260 + or - 300 km/s. The observational data are consistent with a deflector of cluster mass and dimensions, at a redshift about 1.5, but such an observer-deflector-source geometry is unlikely a priori. If the deflector is at the 'most likely' redshift, about 0.6, then the lower limit to the deflector mass-to-light ratio is extremely high.

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