A New Candidate for the Dark Group of Galaxies, RX J0419+0225

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Scientific paper

The bright extended X-ray source RX J0419 + 0225, first discovered in the ROSAT All Sky Survey and identified with an S0 galaxy NGC 1550, was observed with ASCA for 48ks in 1999 August. The detected diffuse X-ray emission is centered at NGC 1550, whose redshift is 0.0123, extending out to at least 15', or 210h-175 kpc, where h75 is the Hubble constant in units of 75 km s-1 Mpc-1. The X-ray surface brightness is represented by a β model with β ˜= 0.47 and a core radius of 15 ± 1 h -175 kpc. The temperature and 1-10keV X-ray luminosity (up to 15') of this system were measured as being 1.4keV and 4.7 × 1042 h-275 erg s-1, respectively. There is no strong evidence of a temperature gradient. Within a radius of 210 h-175, the estimated total mass of the system becomes 1.5 × 1013 h-175 Msolar, which is typical of a galaxy group. With the optical information currently available, there are only two other faint galaxies. Including their B-band luminosity, the mass-to-light ratio of the system comes to ˜ 400 h75 MsolarLsolar, which is comparable to those of galaxy clusters. Therefore, RX J0419 + 0225 can be regarded as a ``dark group candidate'' in that it has an unusually high mass-to-light ratio for its optical luminosity. This object is one of the nearest among those ever identified as such candidates.

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