Multi-component SED Fitting Of AGN Host Galaxies

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Scientific paper

We present results of a multi-wavelength analysis of the stellar populations of AGN host galaxies selected from the GOODS-South field. In order to account for an unknown fraction of AGN light, we add a simple power-law with a variable slope to the stellar population synthesis templates of Bruzual and Charlot. In this way, we can simultaneously constrain several properties of the AGN and its host, namely stellar mass, stellar population age, and AGN fraction as a function of wavelength. The method is also applied to the subset of the data which was covered by HST/WFC3 with the UVIS and IR channels as part of the WFC3 Early Release Science (ERS) observations. The sample of objects selected to have significant non-stellar components is compared to samples of AGN selected by other means (i.e., X-rays, radio emission, mid-IR flux, ground-based spectra) in this well-studied field.
This work is based on Early Release Science observations made by the WFC3 Scientific Oversight Committee. We are grateful to the Director of the Space Telescope Science Institute for awarding Director's Discretionary time for this program. Support for program #11359 was provided by NASA through a grant from the Space Telescope Science Institute, which is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc., under NASA contract NAS 5-26555. Most of the early work was funded by NASA's Astrophysics Data Analysis Program (ADAP) NNX 07AH58G.

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