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Contains 14 pages, 24 figures, 1 table. Accepted for publication in Astronomy and Astrophysics (4/11/2005). This is a raw uned

Scientific paper


We re-analyze the precision radial velocity (RV) data of HD188015, HD114729, HD190360, HD147513 and HD208487. All these stars are supposed to host Jovian companions in long-period orbits. We test a hypothesis that the residuals of the 1-planet model of the RV or an irregular scatter of the measurements about the synthetic RV curve may be explained by the existence of additional planets in short-period orbits. We perform a global search for the best fits in the orbital parameters space with genetic algorithms and simplex method. This makes it possible to verify and extend the results obtained with an application of commonly used FFT-based periodogram analysis for identifying the leading periods. Our analysis confirms the presence of a periodic component in the RV data of HD190360 which may correspond to a hot-Neptune planet. We found four new cases when the 2-planet model yields significantly better fits to the RV data than the best 1-planet solutions. If the periodic variability of the residuals of single-planet fits has indeed a planetary origin then hot-Neptune planets may exist in these extrasolar systems. We estimate their orbital periods in the range of 7-20d and minimal masses about of 20 masses od the Earth.

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